#30PercentOrNothing Press Release

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Youth organizations around the country converged in Abuja on Saturday 16th May, 2015 under the auspices of #30PercentOrNothing program. The meeting was summoned on the back drop of the 2015 elections and the way forward. National coordinator for #30PercentOrNothing Mr. Suleiman Hashim who hosted the youths explained that the program was created to ensure youth participation in Governance through constructive engagement with public institutions thereby encouraging a generational shift in leadership in both the political and economic institutions across the country. Some of the organizations that participated in the meeting include:

  1. Amalgamated Northern Youths
  2. IkonAllah consensus foundation
  3. Goal Getters Foundation
  4. Green Spiders Network

After the meeting the following communiqué was adopted:

  • There should be legally backed classification of youth in Nigeria to refer to persons between the age 18-45. This could be through constitution amendment or an act of parliament.  This could enhance equality.
  • That there should be 30% representation of youths in all structures, positions, Committees and congresses of political parties
  • That the Incoming government should approve an affirmative of 30% for youths in all sectors be it public and private. This could mean setting out clearly the recruitment of expatriates in Nigeria.
  • That ministries and offices for youth development at all levels should be filled appropriately.
  • That the National Orientation Agency should brace up and live up to its responsibility of orienting Nigerians about how best to act.
  • That whichever youth is appointed or empowered at any level should protect the youth constituency as much as possible
  • That we shall not hesitate to mobilize appropriately should we notice any bias to the youth constituency
  • Finally, we will voluntarily enlighten the youth constituency about the government policies if we notice an implementation of the above mentioned demands.

Signed By:

Suleiman Hashim.                                                                        Folusho Awosanya

National Coordinator #30PercentOrNothing.                      FCT Coord. #30PON

Akuro Igah.                                                                           Alasiegha Cookey-Gam Julius

For: Goalgetters Foundation.                                          For: Green Spiders Network

Buhari Bugema.                                                                   Presley Akhigbe

For: Amalgamated Nothern Youths.                   Deputy Nat. Coord. (South) #30PON

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