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Asiwaju Tinubu and some of the men he made!

When all the hullabaloo about the expectation of a declaration for the presidency by Prof Osinbajo rented the air months back, one would assume that the eventual coming to light of it will shake the land through the advent of some A-Class strategies and strategists. However, the entire event was far from expectation, perhaps as a result of the sort of individuals that were involved in it. One wouldn’t have expected anything more from the sort of individuals that featured in the entire Osinbajo programme.

The only critical contributors to the entire Osinbajo agenda was Channels Television, who deliberately first aired the recorded video of the declaration as well as following up on all the rented crowds from certain states and claiming it was a spontaneous celebration. These guys couldn’t have thought us what a spontaneous celebration would look like when we are just coming from a Buharinomia of which they themselves are major beneficiaries of. Spontaneous celebrants don’t carry placards, they invade runways and close down streets.

In all honestly, it is not this event that made me started to doubt the Professors ability to make critical recruitments. I had always wondered how a Laolu Akande would be a spokesperson to a cerebral person like Yemi Osinbajo. He lacks depth and originality whenever he’s meant to defend his principal, he always dodges critical debates. The only recruitment I had liked that the Prof did was that of Ajuri Ngelale and the guy too is too formal for Nigeria’s rugged sake. Which other Osinbajo’s recruit demonstrated the much needed street credential that the Jagaban Borgu has brought on board all these while.

Akinwunmi Ambode also attempted to outshine the master at that time. We all also thought he had his game tight and was just going to pull it through. Unfortunately, it was as empty as box of shreds. He fell like a fallen tree which has not even started to develop any roots nor develop any fruits.

We all also recall how Babatunde Fashola left Governor and totally lost touch with politics and mobilization. He became more of a technocrat that was just good at getting the job done using the bureaucracy but not recruiting any street smart people to mobilize and form a movement. This is why even though Buhari ponders making him a presidential flag bearer, he just hasn’t demonstrated enough political sagacity to encourage such thought. It’s all in your ability to make critical recruitments folks.

There’s no need to waste time talking about Lai Mohammed who only stylishly jumped on the O-to-Ge movement but has since found it difficult to prove it was his idea or that he was fully in charge of it. Little wonder why Babajide Sanwo-Olu has stayed put and paying the appropriate dues of loyalty.

All of these have proved a simple point that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu remains the best recruit of men who could get the job done and even though he has empowered them enough to be able to form their own dynasties, they have simply failed at it and at this point we all don’t have a choice but to drop the cap and salute the Jagaban of Borgu.

Much respect Sir!

Hashim Suleiman

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