Arrival of the Honorable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Pantami and DG, NITDA, Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi

So on the faithful Thursday being 24th September, 2020, we set out for the journey to katsina to witness the wedding of Bashir Ahmad and Naeema Junaid Bindawa and it was a journey I will not forget in a hurry. We passed through the state of kaduna through Zaria before landing in katsina at about 6:00 pm, a journey which started around 8:00am of same day. Thanks to the convoy of so many friends and well wishers and the associated slowness in movement and stoppages.

I, Usman Muhammad Ismail and Usman Turaki were  in our car and we had several conversations that was capable of improving IQ and awareness. We passed through some of the towns that have been touted to be part of the insecurity problems in Katsina state and the presence of the thick forests by the sides of the road could make one understand such terrains better. Farming activities were however very much on course with almost all the stretches bearing green crops less for the built up areas. This was impressive and more comforting than the much negative and very hyped stories you hear that present a sort of an Armageddon situation.

We then arrived to the very serene city that was filled with quiet and peace but hot because of the season we are in. We settled in and set out for the traditional event of ‘Kamu’ where the pageantry of the event started to showcase itself, the bride and groom looked awesome while friends from both sides turned up appropriately with no disappointments, this was expected considering the caliber of the couple. There was meet and greet and celebrations until it was time to go and have some rest in preparation for the main day being Friday 24th September, 2020 when the wedding Fatiha proper will take place.

By the way, we had received the news of the arrival of the Honorable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Pantami alongside the GMD of NNPC and his main ally DG, NITDA, Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi. They were due to arrive Friday afternoon to witness the wedding and everyone was indicating interest to receive them at the airport just so they can have a wave or glance at the Honorable Minister. This got me keen to observe the entire process of the ministers coming knowing fully well that weddings are usually political arenas in this climes and you all perhaps may remember my past analysis about PANTAMI’S political potentials.

The day has come and we’re off to the airport to pick up the Honorable Minister and his entourage alongside the groom of-course. The display of the white garments with matching caps was so colorful I have not seen in a while. Camera clicks became the prominent sounds at the airport and the groom appeared so elated as expected. The cars that came for this activity were uncountable to me and everyone was simply waiting and eager to witness the arrival of the Honorable Minister with his entourage. While waiting a different aircraft landed carrying the Honorable Minister of Defence alongside Garba Shehu and Barrister Ismaeel Ahmed. There was greetings between them and the grooms crew before they left and attention resumed to awaiting arrival of the fathers of the day being Dr Pantami and crew.

Shortly after, behold the arrival of the aircraft carrying the man we had all been waiting for and all roads led to the tarmac to receive the Honorable Minster and crew as they alighted from the aircraft. The place immediately got agog with attempts to grab a selfie or two with the Dr. I have witnessed several encounters with celebrities like Davido and I can tell about how the buzz could look like and what I saw was much more than that you can trust me. There was competition over who to grab a selfie or greet and as usual Pantami was busy displaying his elegance and smile as he waved.

The long convoy of aides, fans and well wishers then proceeded  to the Government House in Katsina for courtesy call before finally arriving at the wedding venue and my mouth was wide open in surprise for how the whole crowd got Gaga on sighting the arrival of the Sheikh. Pantami and entourage proceeded directly into the mosque for the Jumaat Prayers after which the wedding took place and Bashir and Naaemah have finally become Man and Wife, Congratulations to them.

Once the wedding Fatiha was over and it was time to depart, I couldn’t stop looking with amazement at how the crowd was all over Sheikh Pantami which even got the security details overwhelmed and if this is not a very much needed political capital, what could ever be.

Scenarios like these require to be put out at a such a time when the APC requires so much political capital for the actualization of their aspirations. Nigeria’s democracy has advanced as much that political capital such as Dr Pantami’s is golden and must be showcased with a view to attracting us all to utilize it for national and political party development. What makes his case peculiar is his intellect and demonstrated capacity.

Finally, congratulations to Bashir Ahmad for attracting such very important personalities at the event and also creating an avenue for bonding and friendships. Dr Isa Pantami has become a leader who attracts credible followers which are mostly youthful with so much energy, loyalty and intellect to cap it. The entire team is a formidable one that is capable to becoming something worthy of admiration in times to come.

Happy Married Life Bashir and Naeema.

Hashim Suleiman