GMBs Fan to participate in 7km walk in London

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imageEXCLUSIVE│APC UK INTERVIEW | Buhari’s Fan To Participate In 7km Road Walk In London

The wind of CHANGE is unstoppable in Nigeria. This is the story on the lips of Mr Bunmi Ogunleye, the first Nigerian in Diaspora to make the bold decision to embark on a “solidarity” walk in support of General Muhammadu Buhari’s landslide victory at the polls earlier this year.

Bunmi Ogunleye who plans to go on a 7 kilometres walk by road on the day of the inauguration from Stratford Tube Station from 12noon, is one of Buhari’s loyalist excited by the President-elect’s plans to “change” Nigeria for the better.

Another of Buhari’s fan, Duduwalle also walked 800 kilometres by road from Yola to Abuja and Suleiman Hashimu or “The traveller” who started the trend walked from Lagos to Abuja and was met by Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking to APC UK, Bunmi Ogunleye confirmed that so far 5 people had requested to join him in the two-hour walk from Stratford station to Northumberland Avenue, London where the Nigerian High Commission is situated.

The ‘Buharist’ said he was prepared for the long walk: “I am fit. I do park runs every Saturdays. “

Buhari will perform well in his duties when he is sworn on the 29th of this month, Bunmi Ogunleye said, adding that “I was around when Buhari was President in 1985.

“He started War against Indiscipline (WAI) which helped to fight corruption. We are faced with the same problem that we had then. I say to people, if we had followed Buhari’s policies up till now, Nigeria will not be the way it is now.”

Ex-Nollywood actress annoyed some fans last week by calling young people silly for choosing to trek in celebration of Buhari’s win on March 28th but Bunmi Ogunleye is unperturbed about what people say about him. “My colleagues know I am a Buharist. I have a picture of Buhari on my office-desk.

“For once in the history of Nigeria you could feel the sense of pride and hope that things are going to get better.

“The best thing to do is to support our new government and make Buhari’s tenure a successful one.


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By Hashim Suleiman
Coming from the recently held general election that saw an overwhelming victory for the APC in all spheres, one could easily attribute that to the well programmed and articulated campaign mostly executed by young men on social media and the streets but well guided by the brainy elderly alike. This goes to show very much that foresight and strategy was key to this victory.image

Ofcourse General Buhari had always had the youths mostly from the northern hemisphere believing that he was the real messiah even though that needed to spread and have a national spread and Ofcourse it will be a done deal, luckily the missing link came on board with the recruitment and volunteer of well articulated southern IT experts who collaborated with the few from the north to make it an unstoppable movement we are celebrating today. Nigeria has certainly gained a lot from such electronic alliance as well as a show of what the young Nigerian man has to offer.
These gains by Nigeria from such activities could be itemized as follows:

• Events have lead to a much more aware society today courtesy of the increased interest in social media such as Whatsapp, Twitter, BBM, Facebook etc.
• Nigeria’s young men have become much more united by dropping religious and ethnic sentiment in place of patriotism.
• Nigerians have now found a platform on which to assess governments performances.
• Nigerians now know that their votes could count and ensure a better society.
• It has also increased the interest of young men in politics be it in contest or getting involved in all the processes.
The above achievements could not have been possible without the contributions of some APC youths mentioned below:

• Japheth Omojuwa
• Ismail Ahmed
• Abubakar Sadiq Usman aka MrAbusidiq
• Ayourb
• Mrs Lola Shoneyin
• Adebola Williams
• Kayode Ogundamisi
• Gbenga Gold
• Rinsola Abiola
• Ali George
• Ikem Isiekwena
• Akin Oyebode aka AO1379 and others too numerous to mention

These individuals have taken their time and resources to ensure more voter awareness and have made people to believe that their votes could count. These activities went on in both formal and informal manner and it is most commendable as well as going to show to a great extent how much resource Nigeria has left untapped in the years that went by.

Having done the above analysis, it is now time to remind the APC of all the said above and that the success and management of the expectations of Nigerians could absolutely and only be managed by the lot of credible young people we have in the country who have shown from above that they are capable of bringing up and managing progressive initiatives. It is not about the usual appointments into positions or something but a rather a process of recruiting the right human resource to help consolidate on the change that has befallen our dear nation. This will also be a step in the right direction to correcting the wrongs that that have been committed by other parties in the past.

An example of the situation I am talking about is the declaration last week by Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin soliciting to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Jibrin is 38 years old and the current Chairman Committee on Finance. He presented himself as being intellectually worthy to occupy the seat and was also ready to debate it with any other candidate. As mentioned earlier, what he has done is expressing his ingenuity by opting to present himself strategically and democratically and as such he must be encouraged as well as lot other youths in the APC who have shown to have good initiatives.

The above deductions and suggestions are not only restricted to the national party and government but must also trickle down to the state party and state governments as well as the LGAs.

Having said all these, I wish the APC government all the success in this change regime and I know certainly that my little thoughts and advices could further enhance the management of the successes as the success of any organization is largely hinged on the mode of recruiting the human resource as well as the management of same resources.

Good Luck.

Hashim Suleiman writing from Abuja. (