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Emir of Hadeijia, Alhaji Adamu Abubakar Maje

Before the advent of democracy, the northern Nigeria recognizes dichotomies using emirates. Certain first-class emirs control some other local governments and such territories that were under an emirate were regarded as emirate bearing the name of the parent emirate. However, such kinds of emirates have now been simplified to signify Senatorial Districts and my own Senatorial District which is Jigawa North East AKA Hadeijia Emirate has been an unsung giant that has simply refused to roar for obvious reasons. Let me attempt to speak you through the prospects, developments,and current efforts. Come with me.

The emirate has a rich history even from the then Kano State. It was top of the pride of the then Kano State, the Emir was remarkably close to the Emir of Kano after it had been incorporated into the Kano Province in 1906. The emirate became such important owing to its economic potentials of arable lands that could cultivate almost all grains including the especially important Rice and Sugar Cane. Further to these is the popular River Hadeijia which provides support to cultivating the crops mentioned as well as providing an opportunity for fishing activities. 

Consequent upon the above economic potentials as well as the large scale territory that the Emir of Hadeijia superintends over which includes the very ancient Garun Gabas and Auyowhich form an integral part of the Hausa history, people were naturally attracted to the region and made it become very popular in the northern region of Kano and Jigawa State of today. This has also made the region to become economically important to the subregion of Jigawa North East as well as the northern Yobe States and some parts of Borno State. It has become a hub for distribution of goods to Yobe and BornoStates as well as from those places to other parts of Nigeria. Remember the much availability of Fish in the area too. 

Owing to all the above endowments that have continued to attract people to the area on migration or otherwise, the Hadejia emirate has naturally established herself to be the most politically important Senatorial District in Jigawa State. It had produced very notable statesmen like Hassan Hadeijiawho worked as a kitchen cabinet member of the Sardauna of Sokoto and the very recent Air Vice Marsha Hamza Abdullahi who was very prominent and close confidant in the IBB regime. These are few of so many others numerous to mention here. These individuals have again attracted popularity to the emirate. 

Upon all of the lofty introduction to the emirate, you will be shocked to hear that the emirate has not governed the state even once owing to the inability of the people of the region to form a common front because that is the only reason that can stall the dominance of the state since the TIV and Igala of Benue and Kogi States have done but the Igala lost it with Yahaya Bello due to the demise of Abubakar Audu. It is unacceptable that Hadeijia emirate with all the political and economic advantage has refused to take its right place of being the dominant force in the Jigawa pollical game. 

In the last ten years we have had course to witness the advent of two very important persons in the emirate, namely Hashim Ubale Yusufu and Mohammed Babandede, while the former has provided ample investments in the region which in turn provide employment of labour, the latter has used his position to secure jobs for the teeming youth in the Nigerian Immigration Services. Infact, they have proved to be truly patriotic of the emirate and have given numerous people hope of better days ahead. To cap up their efforts, a younger version of them has emerged in Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi and he has within the short time of ascending provided numerous interventions that combines with the ones mentioned above and presenting Hadeijia in a very positive light. 

While all of the above provide hope for the teeming people of the emirate, someone has to echo to them all to understand that nothing can come out of working in silos or allowing other regions of the state to continue to have the notion that we cannot be a political threat because we can easily be deceived into working against one another. The 21st century is too complicated for how cheaply we have let ourselves and serious amends must be made. I am personally in a wondering mode as to how we had always been left out in the scheme of things. 

The three pillars mentioned above currently appear to be those the people in the emirate are talking about and rightly having their hopes tied to. This piece is meant to echo to all concerned over the need to forge a common front and place Hadeijia Emirate where it rightly belongs which would be in fairness to the intent of history. Awareness to the people of the region in this regard is also particularly important to achieving the desire. 

Those who are opportune to read this could also share with the Royal Highness, the Emir of Hadeijia on these prospects and the almost lateness of not achieving it. Hadeijia is too big to be left behind in the political setting of Jigawa State. 

May God bless Hadeijia Emirate

May God bless Jigawa State

May God bless Nigeria.

Hashim Suleiman



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I have always been worried about how the media and politicians have turned to spreading a poverty mentality as a mode of attacking successful people most times for political blackmail. Even though they have succeeded with the public to a large extent, it is high time that some of us begin to make the public aware of some of these games especially knowing fully well the sort of damage some of these baseless insinuations could make to the society and its moral fabric.

This evening of 3rd July, 2020, Sahara Reporters came up with such kinds of cheap blackmail and this time it was on someone I hold dear and one that could make a damage to a very revered institution of ours. They went as far as posting some houses and purported them to belong to Dr Isa Ali Pantami and I wondered how that was news even if it was true but I then remembered the poverty stricken mentality of lots of the public who could give it some meaning and such inspired my write up for this evening.

Let me take us back to 2016 when the President declared his assets and then there was argument in the public on whether he owned a house in Aso Drive or other places in Abuja and I personally wondered how as a nation we have reduced ourselves to wondering why a former Head of State and an elder statesman would own a house or a few houses, was he supposed to be living under a bridge simply so he will satisfy Nigerians. The United States of America is usually our benchmark for comparison and I see so many beautiful houses on the streets of Washington and New York, must all of them be proceeds of corrupt practices? That is if we are insinuating owing houses is synonymous to corruption or ill act.

These same narrative has been set and has affected a large chunk of the populace even though a large chunk of it is an opposition to President Muhammadu Buhari because of his position on anti corruption. They have succeeded in making everyone feel like it’s a crime to make money. Part of the shout about poverty from all parts of the country is resultant from this because even people who make legitimate money and have philanthropic tendencies have chosen to keep their money to themselves and not share because of fear of such kinds of mischievous interpretation and a gullible public who could accept it as their truth.

For how long will such kind of narratives be continued to be spread while it affects the psyche of the populace into believing that it’s a crime to be rich, successful or wealthy. Young people now shun from getting into businesses and making money because of narratives like these. This is the basic reason why laziness has become the hallmark of the youths. Their most potent trade is to buy airtime and share mischievous stories like those of Sahara Reporters on purchase or not of homes.

After reading such kinds of stories whether true or lies, has anyone sat or attempted to make a research over what life Dr Isa Ali Pantami has lived before venturing into public service. Why should sharing a picture of a home just translate into something abnormal? When are we ever going to fill up the large deficit in critical thinking that has been bedeviling us and eating deep into the fabric of the society.

The much I have known Dr Isa Pantami has been of working at the prestigious Madina University where he must have made some savings from his earnings and his lifestyle never portrays that of somebody who is extravagant with money meaning he could keep savings for a long time. Furthermore, he has been a Director General at the National Information Technology Development Agency, a position that naturally attracts a good salary that could make good savings. He has made several travels outside the country on official duties that could fetch the country goodies and such travels attract statutory allowances that could again make good savings. He has also been a minister for almost a year now and must have legitimately earned remunerations for the position and also add to his savings. Would it then be a crime if such an individual chooses to live a moderately good life from his savings. This is assuming if the allegations of the bought house is true but there was no iota of evidence to prove the ownership of the purported property.

Dubai, one of the most visited destinations by Nigerians has Sheikh Al Makhtoom as its king and he owns a palatable palace and several businesses and companies, they not proceeds of corruption. Infact his countries anti corruption crusade is strong enough to have captured Ray Huspuppi who was flaunting funds he could not account for, now this one right here is bad, let Sahara Reporters concentrate on such and their likes and stop spreading lies to imply that it’s a crime to utilize legitimate earnings.

The lesson the youths have to learn from such shenanigans is that of desisting from notions which suggest its wrong to work hard, make legitimate earnings and also utilize them for wellbeing. We must work as a unit to defeat platforms who continue to spread poverty stricken mentality as a norm.

Finally, President Muhammadu Buhari has to continue to be wary of platforms which continue to spread narratives that suggest utilization of legitimate earnings as synonymous with ill doing. What such narratives are aiming is to deplete the Presidents team of the star lights and thereby setting the stage for failure and then they celebrate. They also wish to take away strong people from critical sectors so they can plant their pliable individuals who could embezzle for the entire club including the owners of the platforms who spread such kinds of blackmails. For their information, Nigeria and it’s citizens are daily getting wiser past such cheap blackmail. As for the President, he can help them write a script of such kinds of cheap blackmails, he has seen tons of them. The owners of the platforms that spread such empty allegations have not come clean over the request by their political parties for audit on crowd funding of seeking elective positions. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.

As for Dr Isa Ali Pantami, it is within his God given right to utilize earnings from business and life advancement for the betterment of his wellbeing and that of his family, there is nothing wrong with that even though we cannot authenticate the ownership or not of the purported property. All legitimate earners are also free to do same.

May the Lord continue to increase in wisdom to discern.

Hashim Suleiman



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All Progressives Congress

Let me start by referring to my article https://www.abusidiqu.com/the-continuity-and-change-agents-within-the-apc-and-a-need-to-manage-all-by-suleiman-hashim/of May 16, 2015 where I had advised the APC of the need to manage the PDP elements that had rightly aligned with them to deliver the 2015 election victory.

The fear was that the PDP elements were going to attempt to introduce the political ‘Johnny just come’ of APC into the ways that PDP did their things. The concern was if APC had truly identified and tabulated the mistakes of the PDP that presented an opportunity for their victory or whether the supposed progressives who came from ACN and CPC truly understand progressivity in its true sense and the expectations of it.

Events have come and gone and so much has come out of it with the latest being a near collapse of the APC party owing to the non meticulous management of the need to be truly progressive and complete jettisoning of the PDP ways. The only saving grace was the intervention of the President which appeared premised on wise counsel. 

Remember my article of June 5, 2020 https://itpulse.com.ng/2020/06/05/dr-isa-pantami-and-his-citizen-right-to-political-opinion-by-hashim-suleiman/ wherein I had defended Dr. Isa Pantami’s choice to a past political opinion on a political party whose failure led to its total rejection by the entirety of the citizenry. However, because his mentality and course of earlier criticism was that of a desire to see a progressive movement that would develop the nation, he decided to join the progressive party on a technocratic capacityand also working to do things that were different from those things he abhorred and that were not in line with the progressive ideology. This is the definition of ideology in relation to progressive workings even though it may attract some unpopularity amongst the elites. 

We should also not be quick to forget about how the President had refused the Governors to determine whom he appoints as aides and ministers because they also had their commissioners’ appointments to deal with. This was a deviation from the norm of PDP even though it was also somewhat compromised by some of the players in the presidency, it is always better to start something good even if not perfect but would become culture with time. There was supposed to be a proper mix between technocrats and political loyalists who had contributed to the cause, there was very less of the latter.

One of the major issues that caused the latest APC problem was the usual cliché that Governors are powerful and must therefore have what they always wanted. I personally consider that to be an old PDP way of doing things and the APC must be wary of issues like these. Governors’ place must be respected only when they showcase true sense of upholding the tenets of progressive politics through carrying every party member along as against the promotion of personal or group interest.

Take Jigawa State for example where the Governor has had to publicly agree to a working relationship with Alhaji HashimUbale Yusufu his main challenger in both the 2015 and 2019 election, however, people are at lost as to why they have not seen the man feature in any of the state’s major party or government activities nor feature in the Federal Government activities by way of recommendation from the State Government. Such kinds of cases which are found in almost all the states give cause of concern to supporters and further support reasons why people are daily not seeing much difference between the PDP and APC and they also believe that such old PDP ways are brought upon by some Governors who neither have the interest of the party nor that of her ideology.

Talking about Oshiomole and his ouster as National Chairman, his only offence was the entrenchment of progressive ideals in the party amidst his imperfections as a person. The introduction of Direct Primary election was a democratic breakthrough but it remains unsung because it is not in the interest of the governors who believe the old PDP way of imposition must remain. Further to that achievement was the introduction of the screening of candidates no matter how highly placed. If these two very lofty democratic breakthroughs are not in tandem with APC’s supposed progressive ideals, what could?

While the Governors had succeeded into convincing the president to summon the NEC, it was also commendable for the president to have used his wisdom to assemble a caretaker whose composition appeared to be made up of people who had capability of remembering the progressive ideals and burden on the party and also act accordingly going forward. The idea of governors this governors that must be jettisoned for the collective patronage of those who imbibe the true ideals of the political party, it is only through the promotion of such along with sincerity of purpose that the APC party will build itself into a formidable progressive alternative while the choice for voting still remains that of the electorates.

God bless Nigeria and its growing democracy.

Hashim Suleiman



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Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, Hon. Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Federal Republic of Nigeria

People will wonder why I have based more of my research on an individual but that is what you get when you have developed yourself into a critical character that is capable of attracting critically loyal fans. I have had to make do with individuals who only identify with progress when it emanates from them alone; I have however come to terms with those being part of growth especially in an African community like Nigeria.
Dr Isa Ali Pantami has built himself to become more of an institution that is capable of attracting loyalty and understanding from all walks of life. Such can only be seen by people who can first of all be fair to themselves before becoming fair to others and their virtues. That is why we continue to preach for people to learn to develop critical thinking in order that we can appreciate the good things that happen to our society.
Lately, I have been stumbling over videos on the social space wherein Dr Isa Ali Pantami’s political opinions of the past years are being brought up albeit with an intent of mischief and ridicule. What the cheap blackmailers failed to recognize is that Dr Isa Ali Pantami has an unalienable right as citizen to a political opinion at every point in time, all of also have same right.
Furthermore, all of the videos I have seen are those of an opinion on a political party that the entirety of Nigerians have agreed were a failure at one point or another including those who are spreading the mischief be it former governors, ministers or senators. It is still fresh in our memories how the entire Nigerians rejected a sitting government that was seeking another term, why then would anyone have issues with someone who had an opinion that eventually culminated into everyone’s opinion in the nation. We are still asking people to learn to be serious please.
Again, this is a man who had never joined the political party he had an opinion about and other people who have had to switch political associations and opinions on multiple occasions are the ones sponsoring the cheap blackmail that as usual lacks any sort of tact and strategy. Perhaps, the only time Dr Isa Ali Pantami had to join the political block was when he was invited to serve in a professional and technocratic capacity to a CHANGE government and even at that he never stayed away from continuing with his calling of scholarly activities at his spare times. This showcases someone who has maintained a high level of consistency, why then the attempt to ridicule such a character, the attempt only smacks of mischief from lowly individuals.
Why should our leaders’ take pride in transferring mischievous character to our younger population? Why can’t we tow the path of the likes of Dr Isa Ali Pantami by providing morals to the upcoming ones by way of sermons and teachings or by way of mentorship and motivational speeches? Our politics must not continue to be archaic in reliance on cheap blackmail and empty shenanigans. We have all had our political opinions at one point or another and there has never been anything wrong with it. Serial cross-carpets have contested and won elections in Nigeria, why then should the political opinion of Dr Pantami become an issue?
We have everyday clamored for the emergence of a break from the normal politicians but it appears that when such people arrive, we equally don’t have what it takes to identify them. This is why some of us have kept complaining about the lack of mentors in our society, those who will mentor the young ones to have a critical thought that is sufficient for discernment. Dr Isa Pantami has practically been providing that over the years and it has been responsible for the increasing numbers in young northern youths who are hungry to succeed like Dr Pantami or even better. He always answers Ameen to such prayers on his social media handles.
It is pertinent to point out the fact that Dr Isa Ali Pantami is the headmaster of the new breed politicians in Nigeria owing to his age, mentality and orientation which includes his desire to see to mentorship and empowerment of mentees like his right hand and competent prodigy Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi (DG/CEO, NITDA). Little wonder why his first step as a minister was renaming his ministry to align with the globally acceptable mandates. Obviously, such a break away from the norm will not come without misunderstandings and resistance and he knows that very well, however, he requires all the support and encouragement from like minds as the transition from CHANGE to NEXT LEVEL and their consolidation is a very critical one for our dear nation and we must not take it lightly.
Considering the boldness Dr Isa Pantami had and is employing in trying to deviate from norm and bring about positive attitude to work in his area of supervision, some of us have become motivated by them and volunteered to walk with him in the attainment of such goals during the current journey and beyond. It was such motivation that inspired my November article of his suitability for either the Presidency or Vice Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023 depending on how the power negotiations and permutations turn out. We should not miss out on this opportunity for consolidation on the gains that character and integrity have brought upon us.
And for those who keep sharing political opinion as a tool for blackmail, it is time for them to be notified that going forward, the politics and democracy of Nigeria is going to continue to develop to the point that only critical strategy, character and performance will ensure patronage as against cheap blackmail over things that the accusers are more guilty about. There is going to be more critical engagements and people are going to run on their records of integrity, character and how consistent they have been. This is the reason Dr Isa Pantami has been working hard to increase digital penetration across the nooks and crannies of the nation, let everyone have access to information and be enlightened enough to differentiate between deceitful and serious leaders.
The youths of our nation are encouraged to take a break and have a deep thought over their actions. For how long are they going to allow themselves to be used as tools for sowing discord and spread of fake news? Everyone deserves a good and decent life and that is only achievable through the emergence of critical leaders in the likes of Dr Isa Ali Pantami, we should embrace him. Perhaps, it was the absence of such that made him express his opinion in the past and he was later vindicated through the dismissal of that political entity during the 2015 elections.
Nations of the world are daily struggling to consolidate digitalization; we cannot be struggling to daily be debating normal things like political opinions. Any political party that wishes not be criticized should be above board in character and integrity if not some of their actions can be as annoying as anything to people who have genuine love for country at heart.
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hashim Suleiman


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I can still vividly remember the 1998 PDP convention that resulted in the emergence of Olusegun Obasanjo as the presidential candidate as well as the subsequent nomination of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the running mate after he had emerged the gubernatorial candidate in Adamawa State. I can also remember how easily my maternal uncle Aliyu Umar 242 had emerged the PDP councillorship candidate for Rimi Local Government in Katsina State. Both Obasanjo and my uncle won their elections and the rest is history. 

My personal observation for that period of 1999 elections was that of the emergence of politicians who had been experienced for a long time regardless of there been educated or not. The other part was the much ease with which they all emerged;they were by far the luckiest benefactors of the current democratic journey. 

Going forward to 2003, the turf became a little tougher because even the President had to go through a tougher process before emerging. My uncle councilor could not get a reelection because interests had increased, and primary elections had become tougher. Other issues like zoning had also began to emerge but they were all tied to increased interest in the process. The much that some candidates could be defeated in both primary and secondary elections in the case of my uncle and Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State indicated that there was some development in the democratic process and should be appreciated by pundits and observers even though majority of the citizenry may not see it that way owing to the less critical thoughts. 

Afterwards, several other elections have held from 2007, 2011, 2015 to 2019 and in all of them, there had been improvements relating to increased interests and loss of elections in both primary and secondary elections with some of the cases being a loss from members of ruling parties at both state and federal levels. The latest was a loss from two first term governors who both belonged to the ruling party and situated in the President’s stronghold of northern Nigeria. If this is not development, then what is?

While all the above have indicated a development in the electoral and democratic process, what remains lacking is the interest and participation of the most critical citizens of the country. These are the youths who make up the most active population of the society but have refused to study and recognize the methodology of a democratic system. They have rather developed a sense of entitlement which blinds them to understanding the progress that the development of the democratic process presents and how much it could favour them if they were to key in. 

Looking at the economic sector, it is very important to gauge this based on Naira because over the years what has mislead us is the fact that we had to measure our budgets and activities against the Dollars and the reason for such was the fact that we were an economy that was largely dependent on import and so the price of dollar mattered a lot. However, the current development that democracy has brough especially in the area of food security and manufacturing is impressive and has left a lot of our Naira for internal use. This makes the increase in our budgetary figures over the years very impressive. The people who don’t see progress in that are those who measure our money against the dollars and those who are fixated in us importing everything. Those who use internally produced materials could tell you more of the development of Nigeria’s economy.

The education sector has also seen lots of development considering how much the universities, both public (state and federal) and private have increased over the years to at least cushion the effect of increased population who would require them. Armed forces secondary schools, private schools initiative are all a sign of development democracy has brought to Nigeria’s education sector. 

The management of ebola and COVID-19 has showcased that our health sector is not an Armageddon after all. Democracy has ensured the emergence of Nigeria Centre of Disease Control from 2011 and finally signed into law in 2018. Many more private health institutions have emerged in the country and are bridging the gaps resulting from the non-sufficiency of the public health institutions. 

All the tiers of government have also made commendable efforts in terms of the provision of critical infrastructure ranging from roads, bridges, school buildings, hospitals, airports, seaports, jetties etc.

However, it is not to say that in all of the above achievements and developments there had not been challenges ranging from electoral frauds and corruption but the majority of them have been as high as they were in the various sectors owing to the docility of the citizenry. 

We are as people have simply refused to key into the democratic process by understanding it, the policies and how best they could help us. The sense of entitlement of the myth that we are a rich nation must be dropped and replaced with hard work, knowledge about democracy, tolerance and above all patriotism. 

For those who have interest in politics, get a mentor, understudy, learn the ropes and join the game. Otherwise, you could personally contribute to the consolidation of the gains of democracy and whatever sector you find yourself be it farming or business center. 

Finally, Nigeria’s democracy has got lots of potentials and only those who choose to clear their eyes can see the numerous opportunities there are in Nigeria. 

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hashim Suleiman



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It was with disgust that I saw the 7th assembly members looting the complex of it’s furniture store and accessories. This clearly shows how poor these people are at heart and also demonstrates why our country is poor in ideas that could move it forward.

The only solution to these problems are when the young people begin to follow up on these people to do the right thing if not then they will continue to psyche us into believing what they don’t intend to practice. Imagine the wastage that will result in the National Assembly purchasing fresh furniture for the complex.

it is either the young people fight these people for what is right or they will silence us forever! Choice is ours all!


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Sir, I join to congratulate us all the Jigawites for a victory of democracy and an usher into the new era. I am very much happy that in my time I could have a feeling of things appearing to get better for our dear state and country. It’s so amazing to see how our elders in the state were able to consolidate a victory for the APC.

Being a moment of change and should be mostly characterized by truth, I feel everybody’s initiative that could be additional value to ensure the success and consolidation of the change is welcome thus my reason for dropping these few lines.

I have grown in my little age to see how Jigawa state has come where it is today that there is so much awareness for people to key into ensuring they choose their leaders. This is a good feat and just translates to how much people want their lives improved. I have gone through your antecedents and I very much understand you have the wherewithal to manage the different categories of people you are going to work with because they are all Jigawa people regardless of their motives towards coming closer. The categories of people are divided into two, namely:

1. The generality of the masses who may not have direct access to you and
2. The people who will be close to you and they constitute those who will execute the government with you.
The second category of people above are the most important because if they are appropriately managed, then it’s going trickle down positively and that ultimately means success.

Having said all that, the primary reason for my letter is to campaign for my constituency which is the younger generation (youth). As I said in my earlier article, it was evident that youths played a key role in the advancement of the change campaign that culminated to victory. This goes to show how resourceful Nigerian youths could be and how much they can be mentored into delivering unbelieving suggestions and initiatives. The youth in Jigawa have not been properly integrated in the past and I think there can never be an appropriate time to enact that than now. The next four years is full of expectations and to fulfill those expectations, there is a need for proper research and planning on the needs of the people to tackle head on as well as produce good results within the four years frame. Sir, I can promise you that the youths can help with that. The only key thing in the recruitment of youths for policy making and implementation is the mode of recruitment. This is a time when excellence has to be sourced and utilized. In fact, this could also apply to recruitment for the elderly as well. Another advantage of the young population is their ability to disintegrate the government policies to others in such a way that they could understand because the youths constituency is very large standing at about 70%. Therefore, I advocate for a youth inclusion in the formulation and execution of policies in the coming government in Jigawa state.

On a closing note, I wish to urge all Jigawa young men to also showcase themselves as being worthy to be offered such opportunities by being respectful to the elderly, by being enterprising and hard working, by sensitizing people to be patient and prayerful to the government as well as seeking knowledge to be able to understand government policies better. The betterment of Jigawa is for the good of all of us and it’s our responsibility to guard and enhance it by any positive way possible.

I wish you Allah’s guidance as go through this journey of delivering your campaign promises to our dear Jigawa.

God Bless Jigawa!
God Bless Nigeria!

Suleiman Hashim wrote from Abuja (oneheartnaija@yahoo.com)


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By Hashim Suleiman
Coming from the recently held general election that saw an overwhelming victory for the APC in all spheres, one could easily attribute that to the well programmed and articulated campaign mostly executed by young men on social media and the streets but well guided by the brainy elderly alike. This goes to show very much that foresight and strategy was key to this victory.image

Ofcourse General Buhari had always had the youths mostly from the northern hemisphere believing that he was the real messiah even though that needed to spread and have a national spread and Ofcourse it will be a done deal, luckily the missing link came on board with the recruitment and volunteer of well articulated southern IT experts who collaborated with the few from the north to make it an unstoppable movement we are celebrating today. Nigeria has certainly gained a lot from such electronic alliance as well as a show of what the young Nigerian man has to offer.
These gains by Nigeria from such activities could be itemized as follows:

• Events have lead to a much more aware society today courtesy of the increased interest in social media such as Whatsapp, Twitter, BBM, Facebook etc.
• Nigeria’s young men have become much more united by dropping religious and ethnic sentiment in place of patriotism.
• Nigerians have now found a platform on which to assess governments performances.
• Nigerians now know that their votes could count and ensure a better society.
• It has also increased the interest of young men in politics be it in contest or getting involved in all the processes.
The above achievements could not have been possible without the contributions of some APC youths mentioned below:

• Japheth Omojuwa
• Ismail Ahmed
• Abubakar Sadiq Usman aka MrAbusidiq
• Ayourb
• Mrs Lola Shoneyin
• Adebola Williams
• Kayode Ogundamisi
• Gbenga Gold
• Rinsola Abiola
• Ali George
• Ikem Isiekwena
• Akin Oyebode aka AO1379 and others too numerous to mention

These individuals have taken their time and resources to ensure more voter awareness and have made people to believe that their votes could count. These activities went on in both formal and informal manner and it is most commendable as well as going to show to a great extent how much resource Nigeria has left untapped in the years that went by.

Having done the above analysis, it is now time to remind the APC of all the said above and that the success and management of the expectations of Nigerians could absolutely and only be managed by the lot of credible young people we have in the country who have shown from above that they are capable of bringing up and managing progressive initiatives. It is not about the usual appointments into positions or something but a rather a process of recruiting the right human resource to help consolidate on the change that has befallen our dear nation. This will also be a step in the right direction to correcting the wrongs that that have been committed by other parties in the past.

An example of the situation I am talking about is the declaration last week by Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin soliciting to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Jibrin is 38 years old and the current Chairman Committee on Finance. He presented himself as being intellectually worthy to occupy the seat and was also ready to debate it with any other candidate. As mentioned earlier, what he has done is expressing his ingenuity by opting to present himself strategically and democratically and as such he must be encouraged as well as lot other youths in the APC who have shown to have good initiatives.

The above deductions and suggestions are not only restricted to the national party and government but must also trickle down to the state party and state governments as well as the LGAs.

Having said all these, I wish the APC government all the success in this change regime and I know certainly that my little thoughts and advices could further enhance the management of the successes as the success of any organization is largely hinged on the mode of recruiting the human resource as well as the management of same resources.

Good Luck.

Hashim Suleiman writing from Abuja. (oneheartnaija@yahoo.com)