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Fani Kayode and his friend Yahaya Bello of the North Central

I read Fani Kayode’s piece on a narrative that PDP betrayed some ethnic groups in the country as well as portraying a live televised presidential primary as a corrupted one. This was all in an attempt to give Atiku a bad name so people should hang him, I pitied the citizenry if indeed Fani and others think such lowly of the readers of their pieces.

The number one question is: does Fani think Nigerians don’t know all the candidates in all the parties share money to delegates? How could Fani stare us in the face and insinuate that only the delegates of the APC are critical and objective enough to vote based on conscience or whatever he was trying to portray. He even punctured the same narrative of his by finally going totally undemocratic by insisting Buhari must whimsically produce the next candidate of the APC, this murdered his initial advise to the Afenifere regarding that politics was all about intrigues and maneuvers as well as been a game of numbers.

How could Fani Kayode annex Asiwaju Tinubu when the pulse in the land says only him stands a chance to defeat Atiku. How could Fani Kayode condemn Atiku and then go down to insist the Northeast deserved presidency, has he forgotten where Atiku comes from or it’s all in attempt to showcase to us that he’s indeed tying to cash in on our vulnerability to hoodwink us with grammar. I simply refused to be hoodwinked not because I support any particular candidate but because we must encourage the need for a more robust engagement in our system.

The article displayed lot of hypocrisy and double standards lookout considering how former friends and allies were painted black just because he needed to advance his points. How could Fani Kayode feel entitled to define corruption in Nigeria, ‘wonders shall never end’ they say. How could he equally qualify himself to speak about bigotry or less of it. He also insisted to make a point as to why everyone must support APC without giving them the appropriate variables to convince them, infact I can’t even understand why he would feel denigrating his own region to advance some other narrative suggesting power shift to some other region makes him appear objective enough in Nigeria. I thought one could advance his points without necessarily denigrating another.

I do acknowledge Fani Kayode’s lyrical prowess and his freedom to advance same for his progression and that was why I wrote an article to defend his moving to APC which I titled ‘Fani Kayode and the import of developing selling points’ and can be read here: However, he shouldn’t be carried away into thinking he can dump just anything on us. This article is meant to call him to order so he can appropriate his strategies to utilize his skills better.

Hashim Suleiman


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President Buhari and leaders of both faiths in an attempt to ensure peaceful coexistence

Justice they say is expected to be served without bias but trust me as it sounds so easy to dispense, you’ll experience the most difficulty of it when you find yourself leading in whatever capacity in a secular society. Every part of the divide will want a 100% implementations of their wants and needs and unless that is served you’ll be perceived as being biased and you have to learn to manage such if you wish to succeed in such arrangement.

A classical example of definition of secularity is Nigeria. The two major faiths of the country require that the country be totally branded as belonging to their faiths, this is coupled with the counter arguments about which is more populated. The proponents of both faiths quickly forget you have taken an oath before God Almighty to uphold the constitution of the republic. They wish you suspend such oath occasionally for their whimsical tendencies and honestly unless you’re critical enough to guard your conscience, they could confuse you to assume if the religions have different rules regarding loyalty to oaths and pacts.

A cursory look into both faiths reveals that God commands justice and forbids discrimination and abomination, but in secular society you become faced with who’s place it is to adjudicate over who deserves justice or not. All the various laws have been crafted before various representatives were drafted to formulate a constitution that had been signed off by all before God. For people to now come in the middle of a game and request for the rules to be changed smacks of greatest form of unfairness and injustice that cannot pass for any godly test.

These issues and more require that a leader of such kind of society must be fort-right and work to satisfy their conscience, otherwise it’s every difficult to lead. You would have to be seen to sometimes offend your kith and kin in order to serve justice but you can’t be bothered because you’re only upholding your oath before God to protect a certain pact of living together. Every statement is read from the prism of ‘them vs us’ as against a collective national matter.

These kinds of matter become worst when the society has been left over the years to get to the point where most people are scared to speak truth to followers for the fear of being vilified, mocked and insulted. Chaos takes the center stage, suspicion becomes rife, injustice becomes order of the day and you can never have a proper recipe for imminent implosion other than these. Nigeria is basically at this stage where even leadership is scared to attempt to institute justice without being hounded into a narrative of ‘us vs them’. This is most unfortunate especially that it is taking a dimension of no return.

However, some of us who have privilege of putting our thoughts to paper in order that someone may see and make a meaning of it would love to add a voice on this matter as relates to Nigeria and call for caution and opening up of sincere conversations with a view to ensuring a secured future for all. The bloodletting and free flow of it in our land is becoming scary and a pointer to a dangerous future. We must allow leadership to execute their oaths with God to implement the content of the constitution which in itself is a pact before God. We cannot choose to be holy in piecemeal, we have to be seen to imbibe the spirit of fairness and ability to place one another in others shoes so as to know where it pinches. The curses we reign on ourselves and leadership is enough to attract all the negative vices there can be. What is a society without leadership, in one scoop we blame all the problems on the leaders, in another scoop we condemn their efforts at trying to be just and manage implosions and crises.

The making of secular nations is an arrangement that has to be based more on initiating engagements and discussions to amend certain items of the pacts as against intolerance and mockeries that could deepen the fault lines and the consequences of it in the long run would not be beneficial to anyone, we’re almost there already.

A word is enough for the wise!

Hashim Suleiman


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Some Afenifere and Ohaneze Members in a Collaboration Meeting

Some of us who are young are deserving of mentorship so as to ensure the emergence of the leaders of tomorrow that imbibe the needed virtues for national cohesion and integration. However, the activities of some so called statesmen leaves some of us wondering how to kowtow to their shenanigans in all honesty. Some of these men are perhaps oblivious of the fact that we’re in jet age where the young people of the day are tech savvy and having access to information of events as they happen and equally possessing needed discernment to decipher.

I have been following the activities of an association called the Afenifere in Nigeria, it’s a socio- ethnic organization that was formed to protect the interests of the south west Yoruba people of Nigeria and honestly in all of the times I started paying keen attention to happenings in the Nigerian polity for my personal development, they have come off to me as people who are lazy and narcissistic about knowledge to the extent that they feel every other tribe or region of the country is inferior to them in terms of rights to belong and expression of opinions. Otherwise, how could an association be consistent with churning out demands that are undemocratic in nature.

They association is made up of individuals from the first republic and majority of whom have participated all through to the first and second terms of the current democratic dispensation. Majority of them live in high brow areas of lagos and owing large businesses and private learning institutions, I don’t want to go into how they might have amassed such wealth but their determination to ensure Nigeria seizes to exist in its current configuration leaves a lot to wonder considering that they were part of the major beneficiaries of it. It could be likened to a Hausa adage that translates ‘you eat the bread and want to tear the package of it’. This is certainly not the way to go and some of us who are coming up with a zeal to see things done differently will highlight some of these anomalies.

Just recently, the owner of the Afe Babalola University in Ado Ekiti came up to request President Buhari to not conduct the 2023 elections but rather appoint them as members of an interim government so they can decide what I don’t understand. The entire Afenifere association followed that up by requesting for a government of a national unity to midwife the emergence of a next government for the country. In all of their requests, what will always fascinate one is the mode with which they wish to form these interim arrangements, there is clear intent of the nominations to be them so they could formulate what they were not able to do when they held sway as critical members of Nigerias existence from independence till date.

They will completely act ignorant of the existence of a National Assembly when making their requests and that hurts a lot. Some of us who have under studied these processes wonder why they can’t simply sponsor candidates into the chambers and effect whatever changes they are desirous of, such makes their actions suspicious and smacks of laziness and attempt to intimidate others into accepting their shortcut methods into prominence. If such strategy had worked for them in the past , simple critical thinking should tell them it won’t fly anymore because of changed times, only a person who is opportunistic and not realistically smart will not recognize that as times change, strategies should also change.

But in all of it, I was able to deduce that the actions are not unconnected with the 2023 presidency. I had analyzed in several of the articles that it was imminent power was returning to the north as that was the only strategy left for PDP to return to power and APC would not want to give that up so they would follow suit. These elders have sensed that and instead of putting up their strategy caps to see how to counter the matter which was borne of out the north’s mastery in the game as well as a homogeneity in a large population that had been borne out of cultural and religious needs, they resort to an attempt to utilize this method that had been dangled severally and is known to fail at the first instance even by their kinsmen who are presently a part of the establishment in all of the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. They consider it their time to serve and why would anyone who had enjoyed their time and established enough to protect their upcoming generations want to truncate such opportunity albeit selfishly for that matter.

Therefore, my candid advise to these elder statesmen as they ought to be is for them to utilize the times they have left to acquire the necessary goodwill and build the required bridges that they had not established before which could have ensured their place for a seat on the negotiation table. As it is now, the table is full with people from all the creed who are willing to damn their kinsmen as long as they are promised a slice of the cake.

Strategy wins always!

Hashim Suleiman


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Badaru and other members addressing the press on the conduct of the APC National Convention

Let me refresh your minds to my November , 2021 article which I had tagged ‘Underrate Atiku at your Peril’ and which can be found here In the article, I had called the APC’s attention of the dangers that Atiku’s imminent emergence under the PDP will cost them and I had advised them to be cautious of it by putting up their thinking caps and ensuring they match the PDP strategy for strategy. Well, they seem to have heard my advise and the National Chairman stated last week while granting an interview that the issue of zoning had not been decided on yet. Such comments set tongues wagging to the extent that the real stories had started to emerge due to expediences.

Party leaders and opinion molders in the APC who all spoke on condition of anonymity stated rightly that for strategy sake as well as the need to keep power at all cost, it was time to cede the APC presidential ticket to the north considering that it was imminent PDP was going that way. The news got so strong that governor Akeredolu of Ondo state had to come out in his half clever way to make a comment and threaten the APC against any such action and some of us would wonder when politics became too cheap that it was about speaking up from one corner rather than building the necessary goodwill and bridges necessary to bring the votes which APC desperately needs at the moment and which all of them including Akeredolu know where they can be gotten, The North.

Consequently, names had started to drop from last week with the first been Ahmad Lawan, the Senate President and in all honesty and with much respect, I knew that would be difficult to fly because he is not governor, never been and not of the trio of Hausa, Fulani or Kanuri tribes who basically control the north and don’t easily give up that stronghold of the power base in the region. Have you ever wondered why no one outside the Kanuri tribe has ever being governor in the duo of Yobe and Borno states? It’s deliberate, it’s a dynasty thing, you can’t beat it and that is why no one has ever thought of any likelihood of Ahmed Lawan becoming a governor in Yobe State. He became Senate President out of APC’s desperation to correct the anomaly they created in 2015 and the rest is history.

Finally, just yesterday, perhaps the real game changer’s name dropped and it was non other than Mohammed Badaru Abubakar, the current governor of Jigawa State. The man had simply been a silent strategists whom all underrated but he’ll always come out on top, how he does it I don’t know honestly. He had quietly proven to keen observers to be the strongest governor in this dispensation. He had taken the party and got a stronghold of it and just when things were about to go out of hand, he redirected the party and conducted a Congress that produced party executives with no rancor and almost all positions were filled on consensus basis, it only takes a political wizardry to achieve such feat rancor free.

While Badaru had silently displayed all of the above described political mastery, it’s natural in life that things don’t go unnoticed and when the chips get down, reality dawns and the most sellable of the options available is turned to in order that everyone gets saved and everyone moves United as a family while all interest are intact and protected. Badaru has demonstrated capacity to protect interests because it was only such that guaranteed his being able to single-handedly maneuver the APC party to its current stable state. He has equally proven to be a unifier owing to how he awesomely kept his state off any headache of insecurity, chaos, political rascality or excess poverty. He ran an all inclusive government to the extent that today in Jigawa State, it what’s he says or nothing, that’s Leadership!

Todays column may not be enough time to delve into his developmental strides in the state because we’re more about party politics now and his major selling points have been highlighted above, in fact they are overboard, they even come off as the most needed qualities Nigeria’s next president should poses at the moment. In the event that he emerges the flag-bearer, we’ll throw our flashlights into his developmental strides especially in Agriculture and juxtapose them with the above stated qualities in order to make a meaning of them.

Interesting times ahead.

Hashim Suleiman


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Kashifu and Emir of Hadeijia on the occasion of Eid Celebration

For avoidance of sounding like a former state governor, who publicly stated that Nigeria’s woes are a result of the sins that the numerous citizenry committed, I wish to agree in another way but certainly not his own narrative and submission, little wonder he was not able to formulate critical strategy that could ensure his retaining the state even after serving eight years as governor with four of them as the chairman of the Nigeria Governors forum. He felt the victory was going to be sent from above miraculously, can’t remember when I saw or heard of any miracle happening anywhere in the current times, we however read of them during the prophetic times.

The only area where I could relate to his submission is the fact that apart from competence which must form the fulcrum of choices for leaders, we indeed need them be sound in faith and character and of-course not necessarily a faith that is lip based but one that has been practically demonstrated. I have observed with keen interest how there was heightened worship during this holy month with the mosques daily filled and the so much energy exhibited towards prayers even though I’m sure most will be for prosperity and perhaps national stability and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sweet life is something everyone would crave.

However, what has been missing all along our years of intense prayers is genuine faith exhibited through character. How much have individuals contributed to the wellbeing and sanity of their brethren before seeking for God’s intervention and that way it becomes easy for God himself to intervene knowing certain virtues He appreciates have been adhered to and exhibited. The height of it is people who have never had any inkling with religion during their years of service automatically becoming clerics overnight for the sake of hoodwinking the voters for electoral victory. This purely smacks of hypocrisy and voting such kind of character deficient hypocrites will certainly come with nothing other than chaos and further retrogression.

These are the issues bedeviling us as a nation and issues that are requiring urgent intervention in order that meaningful progress was to be made in our nation. Isn’t it ironic how regardless of your intent to do good in leadership, it is always almost impossible to achieve? The fact is you get subdued by the sort of characters that you will surround yourself with and they will get you to eventually give up and righty so because it will be too late by the time you’ll recognize that’s if you have what it takes to do so. Any leaders first intent to genuinely succeed would first have to be the choice of people to surround self with.

Let me use the case study of Kashifu Inuwa, the Director General of National Information Technology Development Agency to buttress my point. I met the young technocrat in the line of street hustle and his character was enough to melt me into recognizing I had met a different breed from the everyday people I meet. And to also show you Prof Pantami was one of those who pays apt attention to succeeding, he first brought him close as his aide and finally recommended him for the post of the Director General of same Agency. The success that resulted this amazing combination of competence, faith and character is there for anybody to see through NITDA and Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy or through my several articles on the duo.

Furthermore, apart from my 2015 open letter article to Badaru Talamiz, the executive governor of Jigawa State, I had not followed up so much on his governance considering that he had vindicated the letter by appointing and empowering as much youths to help steer the affairs of the state with him, he finally knocked me off when through his several interviews where he had revealed the sort of individual he wanted to succeed him as governor. He mentioned characters like competence, faithfulness, humility, patriotism amongst others and lately rumors started to trickle that such choice had been narrowed down to Kashifu Inuwa and I said he was indeed deserving of my standing ovation because he had just set the state on the path of genuine progress because the man in question embodies all the characters he itemized and he had exemplified them at NITDA and before.

Consequently, in the spirit of the just concluded Ramadan and the celebration of the Eid, it was expedient to reecho the fact that Nigeria requires more and more genuinely faithful and competent individuals to steer affairs of state so meaningful progress would be achieved with assurances of sustainability too.

Eid Mubarak Nigeria

Hashim Suleiman


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The emergence of Abdullahi Adamu and Iyorchia Ayu as National Chairmen through consensuses

It sometimes make me wonder how lessons are just not heeded to in this country. Could it be why some people believe Nigerians forget things to early to the extent that such assertion has become more of a cliché. I could actually believe so considering how much the APC had early into their administration forgotten practically all the lessons that should have been learnt from the mistakes of the PDP and today we have come round to people debating more for a repetition of those mistakes even though the PDP appears a little more wary about them.

We have just come from the conduct of the APC national convention where the attempts at a consensus for the national chairman almost tore the party apart but for the immense fear and respect that the party governors and big wigs have for the president and in fact the much that has been tolerated from the party and government by party faithfuls is as a result of that respect and deferment. While all of it have been enjoyed by Buhari and the beneficiaries of it, it may not last up to the presidential primaries when the suppressed effects of the past will combine with the resultant ones from an attempt to foist a presidential candidate and finally bury the APC as a party.

This matter needs to be echoed because it’s evident that the managers of the party or rather the managers of Buhari have become totally comfortable and complacent over how easily Buhari’s instructions are heeded to regarding some of these issues around consensuses and impositions and they assume every instruction of Buhari will just be sailing through even without appropriate consultations. Their inertia is deep enough not to even let them see the little trembling that resulted from the consensus processes leading to the selection of the national working committee of the APC. From the cutting short of presidential trips, to counter letters from within and abroad and culminating in tears and reluctance of candidates to accept outcomes on the stage of the convention. If all these are not indication of buried landlines waiting to be stepped on, then I don’t know what could ever be more.

While some members of the PDP who have learnt lessons from the past are insisting on an open contests to clinch party tickets, the incurable lazy ones who have refused to learn any lessons and insist on the ways of the past are championing zoning as a way to bring back imposition through the back door. These people must be resisted for the sake of Nigeria’s democracy. Once the major fabrics of the democracy which are the political parties are destroyed, what are we going to have left again. This will only take the clock backwards to pre ’99 when all the work about building a formidable democracy will have to be started again, little wonder why the National Assembly in its wisdom initially submitted an amended electoral act containing only direct primaries as a means of nomination of candidates by political parties. However, as usual those lazy politicians who would always want to use privileges to advance their selfish agenda worked to truncate such provisions by ensuring that their most potent tools of indirect primaries and consensus was introduced.

That thing that is most dangerous with all these consensus and imposition is that it has even permeated our everyday life. People have no regard for competence and competitions anymore, everyone wants to create shortcuts or having their way out of everything. From work places to business environment and voluntary unions and associations. You’ll always see how people would unconsciously begin to mobilize towards truncating any competitive process using their privileged positions and because most of the people at the helm also emerged through same shortcuts, they mostly don’t have enough intellect or wherewithal to understand the effects of these things and even when they do, no guts to say no to them.

The 2023 elections are fast approaching and majority of the candidates from all the parties just want to be endorsed and affirmed. They are busy rallying around principals and waiting for endorsements while all others who have worked all their lives to gather enough goodwill as competitive edge must be jettisoned and schemed out. This can never be good for democracy, thankfully though, the National Assembly has introduced a caveat to consensus by saying all candidates must put in writing their acceptances to the consensus arrangement. One could say this is a little deviation from total imposition but we could do better.

Finally, this is an advisory to all contestants and political parties to recognize that we must truncate the culture of imposition before it kills us as a people. The culture of hard-work and completion is daily giving way for these short cuts and we must work to put an end to them for the sake of the survival of our democracy and the society in general.

Hashim Suleiman


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Asiwaju Tinubu and some of the men he made!

When all the hullabaloo about the expectation of a declaration for the presidency by Prof Osinbajo rented the air months back, one would assume that the eventual coming to light of it will shake the land through the advent of some A-Class strategies and strategists. However, the entire event was far from expectation, perhaps as a result of the sort of individuals that were involved in it. One wouldn’t have expected anything more from the sort of individuals that featured in the entire Osinbajo programme.

The only critical contributors to the entire Osinbajo agenda was Channels Television, who deliberately first aired the recorded video of the declaration as well as following up on all the rented crowds from certain states and claiming it was a spontaneous celebration. These guys couldn’t have thought us what a spontaneous celebration would look like when we are just coming from a Buharinomia of which they themselves are major beneficiaries of. Spontaneous celebrants don’t carry placards, they invade runways and close down streets.

In all honestly, it is not this event that made me started to doubt the Professors ability to make critical recruitments. I had always wondered how a Laolu Akande would be a spokesperson to a cerebral person like Yemi Osinbajo. He lacks depth and originality whenever he’s meant to defend his principal, he always dodges critical debates. The only recruitment I had liked that the Prof did was that of Ajuri Ngelale and the guy too is too formal for Nigeria’s rugged sake. Which other Osinbajo’s recruit demonstrated the much needed street credential that the Jagaban Borgu has brought on board all these while.

Akinwunmi Ambode also attempted to outshine the master at that time. We all also thought he had his game tight and was just going to pull it through. Unfortunately, it was as empty as box of shreds. He fell like a fallen tree which has not even started to develop any roots nor develop any fruits.

We all also recall how Babatunde Fashola left Governor and totally lost touch with politics and mobilization. He became more of a technocrat that was just good at getting the job done using the bureaucracy but not recruiting any street smart people to mobilize and form a movement. This is why even though Buhari ponders making him a presidential flag bearer, he just hasn’t demonstrated enough political sagacity to encourage such thought. It’s all in your ability to make critical recruitments folks.

There’s no need to waste time talking about Lai Mohammed who only stylishly jumped on the O-to-Ge movement but has since found it difficult to prove it was his idea or that he was fully in charge of it. Little wonder why Babajide Sanwo-Olu has stayed put and paying the appropriate dues of loyalty.

All of these have proved a simple point that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu remains the best recruit of men who could get the job done and even though he has empowered them enough to be able to form their own dynasties, they have simply failed at it and at this point we all don’t have a choice but to drop the cap and salute the Jagaban of Borgu.

Much respect Sir!

Hashim Suleiman


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The interior of the recently attached Abuja-Kaduna train

Dorathy Thomson once said “The most destructive element in the human mind is fear. Fear creates aggressiveness” and I cannot agree less to this because it’s so obvious that fear is gradually taking over our society to the extent that we’ve basically become very aggressive to one another including the few ones who have still got some element of courage and conscience left in them. Everyone has become more scared of losing their economic advantage as against developing any sort of dignity. Shouldn’t this be enough reason why some of us will be genuinely afraid of the future.

I read in some tabloid lately where a few clerics and statesmen were listed as those remaining with guts to tell truth to power. First, I was moved by their little numbers and secondly moved by why such a character has become something to cheer in a country of 200 million individuals. An inestimable number of individuals have successfully instilled fear in a society of this large number to the extent that everyone wants to stay indoors or pay heavy flight fares to travel for important issues or sometimes leisure as we are well known for.

What’s going on now is that fear has been appropriately cascaded to every cadre of our society. The elite has successfully intimidated the lot of the middle class into always attempting to speaking only on those things that sound politically correct, apologies to young men like Deji Adejanju, Alwan Hassan, Ayo Oyalowo and a few others whom I have followed closely and admired their guts of speaking truth to power regardless of their human imperfections. I have had to argue fiercely recently with one of my friends over the sacking of the Apo Mosque Chief Imam, Shikh Khalid when he attempted to paint the matter to resemble something like APC Vs PDP kind of a thing. He attempted to insinuate that the Chief Imam was a PDP supporter and what not but I wondered how that related to the words the imam said which I heard over and over again and found nothing other than courage to speak truth to power, whether as a reminder or whatever any leader or influencer might make of it.

I had once written an article to defend Prof Isa Pantami when these same kind of conquered citizenry went bullying him to speak to the issues at hand by playing back his sermons of years before where he had shared his opinions at the time over the happenings. I insisted in that article that he had a right to hold political opinions and rightly so, you can have a read of that here: I wondered why those bully’s could not themselves utilize those mischievous voices of theirs into spitting their fair share of speaking up to the happenings in the country which they considered inappropriate. They always want people to only say what they considered correct while they hide behind their fingers in fear of speaking to lose favors and economic advantage.

I couldn’t have made a case for Prof Pantami and not make same for Sheikh Khalid, that will amount to hypocrisy and sycophancy from me, characters which I abhor with all I’ve got in me. I also felt it appropriate to echo these matters perhaps some could read and tell others to imbibe the virtue of bravery because you can believe that posterity remains on the side of those who stand by truths especially for the sake of the wellbeing of others. The society stands to suffer a lot when the middle class whom are largely the opinion molders have been conquered by fear.

When you go down the echelon, the downtrodden have also been conquered by their own version of fear and this time it’s insecurity. The communities practically live and share space with these criminals but you and I may not know because they will never say. The thinking will be that even if they will not say or report, what stops them from organizing and forming a common front to face the enemies but they won’t because the entire frame of the society have been successfully conquered by fear and I personally have wondered how such will ever be reversed considering how deep these fears have eaten in.

It is not the depth of how much fear has eaten into our society that worries me the most, it is the depth of how much men and women of conscience have diminished from the society. Every individual is been oriented to only work to protect their economic advantages even at the detriment of their dignity and morality. Sycophancy has become the order of the day, the downtrodden have become perpetually scared of their opposite contemporaries and all these will make some of us wonder what the future stands for a supposedly brave nation like Nigeria.

Ramadan Mubarak and Happy Easter in advance.

Hashim Suleiman


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I remember vividly how I was recruited into Setraco Construction Company at Igobiri-Toru-Ebeni project in Bayelsa State as a young and fresh Geology graduate coming from school. I had this notion that being a graduate, every other person who was not one was to bow and take orders from me. It didn’t take long when I figured out that my school degree was merely an advantage but that the world of experience was an entirely different one that required me to be low headed to learn.

Consequently, I found myself being humble to Mr Samuel who was a secondary school leaver but had put in over 20 years of experience in the firm’s laboratory. The practical analysis and laboratory skills he had on construction materials was enough to humble me into accepting my rightful place as a Laboratory Technician way under him and others who possessed much more experience than I did. I humbled myself and learnt enough from these individuals perhaps at a more faster rate than someone who’s not a university graduate would require. The rest is history today.

I brought the above narrative to explain why I feel ASUU went overboard by intending to withdraw the academic certificate of Kashifu Inuwa over the performance of his statutory responsibility and one that is systemic at that. ASUU is made up of all cadre of lecturers ranging from Professors to Graduate Assistants but in all honesty that is not enough to guarantee that they posses enough practical experience to insist on the efficacy of their own developed ICT Application which aimed to aide the payment of their remunerations.

NITDA as an agency is statutorily established to aide the government in the area of developing the ICT sector. One would also understand the popular notion that everything goes in Nigeria and where it goes wrong along the line, tongues go wagging, blames are shared, monies are lost and a repeat of the mistake is made again. We are a people that have been used to producing half baked solutions to issues just to pass over situations. Unfortunately, the current NITDA DG feels otherwise, he feels the mentality to work has to change in such a way that the organization has been rejuvenated into a result driven one. Little wonder why he has worked to earn the confidence of the Federal Government into believing the judgement of the Agency in the UTAS matter was going to be an objective one that would guarantee a long term operability.

However, while the young man is genuinely patriotic at trying to ensure the workability of the Agency he has been saddled to superintend over, he equally has to deal with the nature of the country people that hardly appreciate genuine efforts. This is a country that prefers hypocrisy and mediocrity and I do not envy anyone who attempts to put those kinds of critical patriotic efforts. Even president Muhammadu Buhari who has given as much had to relax at some point and agreed that Nigerians were hilarious people.

The issue around UTAS was purely a technical one that may not necessarily be understood when looked at from strictly the books point of view. NITDA boasts of staff that have years and tonnes of experience over practical matters that relate to UTAS and many others alike or bigger. They understand practical challenges that could result from the handling of big data, they understand the resources constraint that could result from a long term point of view. Was ASUU expecting NITDA to simply approve a solution that has truly not ticked all the boxes it was supposed just so ASUU would clap and probably sheath their arm-twisting like press releases.

We do appreciate our lecturers who have worked hard to ensure we obtain the appropriate essays needed to understand the rudiments of the various courses we read. However, we equally appreciate the tons of informal experiences we obtained from the everyday life at the various universities. Overall, we mostly appreciate the practical experiences we have obtained as well as the advanced additional qualifications we have obtained.

ASUU, could leverage the various experiences at NITDA and forge a partnership that could afford them the needed expertise that could develop a workable application that could solve the remuneration debacle of ASUU amongst others.

Hashim Suleiman


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A session at the Nigerias Supreme Court

I have always posited that since the advent of the Nigerian democracy, it has developed by the years but this can only be observed by those who can discern enough as well those who are not lazy and expectant of only handouts as dividends of democracy. So far so good our democracy has grown to an extent where for the first time ever, no pundit can predict who will be wining the next elections in all categories of contestants. No political party appears dominant anymore, everyone is fighting for their souls by discussing and ensuring that all the i’s have been dotted while the t’s have been crossed too.

For some of us who believe nation building is gradual and could come with its regimes of troubles and bursts, we recognize strongly that Nigeria’s democracy is growing by the day and it will naturally come with its resultant developments which like I said only the critical minded can see. Everyone will however see it in the long term. This is against the backdrop of the fact that some others believe democracy is not the most befitting for Nigeria but to me the difference is only in the speed at which autocracy and democracy can bring about the needed development. I believe there’s more inclusiveness in a democracy even though it is slow process. The autocracy could be faster but coming with some gagging and many dichotomies.

This brings me to the fact that part of the bane of the development of individuals, institutions and processes was the lack of knowledge and understanding of the laws of the land. What you then find in the past was people’s right been trampled upon and they can’t do a thing about it because they don’t know how to. They however forget that democracy guarantees rights which can be pulled from various laws ranging from the constitution to other legislations. It is however soothing to see that as the democracy grows, there’s continual increase in the appreciation of our laws and the rate at which people challenge such laws including their applications.

One must give kudos to INEC as they have proven to always be an institution which obeys the rules of law and court orders. Little wonder why every other election they’ve conducted has been better than previous ones and such is commendable and worthy of encouragement to continue to work by the books in delivering the elections for the good of the nation, this is not to dismiss the imperfection of humans.

Just recently, the Federal High Court sacked the Governor of Ebonyi state and ordered INEC to issue certificate of return to the PDP candidates that would be submitted by the party. Even though the Nigerias constitution did not expressly speak about defection for executives, it was important that citizens tested such a move where ones certificate of return bears another political party’s name while you’ve defected and commensurate changes have not been made to that certificate. This judgement will make those wishing to decamp in the future to have a rethink especially considering that the case has been appealed and May get up to the Supreme Court for final determination.

Remember also how certain individuals misled the President into taking an unlawful action in his party the APC by ordering the removal of the chairman even when such a move had no place in any of the laws of the party or those of the land. It took the same INEC I described above to call their attention to the illegitimacy of the action and such was reversed immediately. The party equally had to work hard to vacate a court order that existed to bar them from holding any National Convention till further notice. The appreciation of the laws of the land in these instances gives one a positive feeling to the extent that the democracy is growing and would guarantee improved participation and confidence in the system and its laws. The attorney general equally had to challenge the resignation clause in the amended electoral act 2022 and the court has made a pronouncement which has become a law as is right now.

I have had series of arguments with individuals who would wonder why I’m in politics despite been a public servant, I tell them to try and read up the laws of the land so they’ll be aware about their rights and where they stop. The constitution of the republic guarantees freedom of association and participation and equally spelt out clear terms with which a public servant can or cannot participate in a political process. A public servant is only expected to resign 30 days to his/her election and any other law or guideline that contradicts the constitution is null and void.

Finally, it was important to note that Nigerias democracy is developing and that can be consolidated with the appreciation of rights by citizens and challenging any breach of it. So far so good, there’s a clear improvement in the appreciation and application of Nigerias laws and we hope for an improvement going forward.

May God bless Nigeria

Hashim Suleiman