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Asiwaju Tinubu after collecting his Certificate of Return from INEC

The only reason why APC had to struggle to win the 2023 election in perhaps a controversial manner is entirely the result of the inability of the APC party to distinguish between how to manage mediocrity and criticality and obviously the former took precedence in the APC administration, and we are here today. You may read further on this from my article of 26th November 2016 titled ‘Between Setting a Stage for Compromise and Maintenance of Integrity’ and which can be read here:https://twitter.com/oneheartnaija/status/802446320833269760?s=46&t=NPC_NSLSH_jYKkXra1o8Bg.

From the foregoing, it is safe to conclude that President Buhari compromised too much for personal and partisan purposes at the detriment of his legacies, performance and integrity. Suffice it to say there is nothing wrong in compensating good gestures or contributions, but it becomes complex and complicated when that will be coming on a backdrop of an electoral victory that comes with baggage of expectations and entitlements.

The 2023 elections have come and gone, and the returning officer as enshrined in our laws has returned Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the President-Elect while all other offices have also been returned by the appropriate returning officers. Those who chose to not agree with the outcomes also have an inalienable democratic right to approach the tribunals to make their cases, in fact I for one encourages such democratic ideals so much because democracy becomes tasteless without them.

However, some of us who had warned severally about the mediocre nature of the members of APC that Buhari had nurtured for the 7 years in power and of which Tinubu had no option but to inherit. The performances of the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies is enough to vindicate the mediocre nature of majority of those that became the crux of the Buhari administration and the APC. Little wonder why there had to be several burst outs by Asiwaju penultimate the Primary Elections and the General Elections alike. There were not any critical strategies formulated by majority of the directorates in the PCC less making more enemies for the party and the then candidate because indeed you must know mediocre are lazy minded and find it difficult to formulate strategic mitigations so their only tool becomes insult and brigandage, for example, have you ever seen Fashola in those kinds of insult mood or chicanery?? Your answer will be as good as mine.

To set the records straight, it was the absence of the much-needed criticality in the APC as orchestrated by Buhari that made the campaigns and electoral victory so difficult for Asiwaju Tinubu and equally why there are still numerous controversies after victory and guess what, they are still not able to manage the post-election controversies optimally because they just don’t have it. The needed criticality is scarce in Nigeria, and one would have to look outside the readily available crowd.

In balance to these opinions, it is also important to emphasize that in a political party, it was important to manage all of the good, the bad and the ugly as deliberated in my 2015 article titled: https://www.abusidiqu.com/the-continuity-and-change-agents-within-the-apc-and-a-need-to-manage-all-by-suleiman-hashim/,  but for the sake of the need for legacy and performance in governance, some of the sectors cannot afford to be jettisoned on the alter of partisan compensation and it was very important for these points to be echoed to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in order that the necessary mindset be set for excellence in governance in compliance with the Lagos template that formed the crux of the Asiwaju campaign.

This final paragraph would be of immense interest to Asiwaju, and his success and it is to the effect that those with the described ‘make it easy’ character as described above come from the part of the country that feels most entitled to his presidency, if you allow their mindset and methods to take precedence over excellence then failure is imminent. There are indeed sound minds amongst them too but trust me the management of these individuals and their level of participation would to a large extent determine Asiwaju’s legacies and likely re-election in 2027. The difference between Kwankwaso and Ganduje’s performances and acceptability in Kano and how Kwankwaso came back to sweep kano owing to excessive goodwill capital is a buttress to some of the points I have laid out here.

May Nigeria succeed through Asiwaju

Ramadan Kareem

Hashim Suleiman




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Buhari campaigning for Tinubu at Nassarawa State

People who read my articles a lot know I’ve always been a defender of mischief and blackmail which has become a shortcut that Nigerians love to employ owing to their lazy mindsets and crave for cheap gains in order to Pull Down people they assume are their stumbling blocks to those shortcuts they want to take to progress. Remember when they came for Pantami and his past political opinions just because they didn’t like his revolutionary policies in the ICT sector and preferred their shortcuts as usual so they resorted to attempts at cancelling him but I set the records straight that he has a right to his political opinions per time, per available variables, you can read that piece here: https://dailytrust.com/pantami-and-his-citizen-right-to-political-opinion/.

Fast forward to today, these lazy agents are at it again and this time around it’s on the President, Muhammadu Buhari, they want to cancel him for committing to conduct a free and fair election and I wonder what that means, I’ll summarize it to mean that majority of those that Buhari surrounded himself with took him for a fool all along, they noticed he always reasoned with national noise and did what was necessary to douse tensions and they are employing same tactics now to get him to manipulate the system for their lazy self at the detriment of his legacy, that won’t work!

While one will understand Asiwaju to have been a fighter all his life, his current presidential aspiration comes with its own peculiarities, and that was why from before and after the primaries I had warned the APC to take their recruitments of campaigners and promoters very seriously because indeed there was going to be a lot of work to be done to convince Nigerians to vote the party and especially the candidate that emerged and the general public perception on him, that much work has to also be an intellectual one at that, but I guess they didn’t hear. The chicken has today come home to roost and they want to tie the consequences  of their lazy intellectualism and lack of strategy on Buhari, we will not allow that, everyone should go out and campaign to the people and sought for their votes.

The managers of the APC campaign have succeeded in spreading a narrative that suggests to the society that the only way they can win is for Buhari to manipulate the system forgetting that them and Buhari were beneficiaries of free and fair conduct by Goodluck Jonathan, so many people have argued that the most significant contribution of Tinubu to Buhari in 2015 was at the primary elections in lagos in 2014 but the victory at the main elections was an amalgamation of forces ranging from Tinubu to Amaechi, Saraki, Atiku, Kwankwaso, Nyako and a host of others.

If the above narrative is what it is, then it’s very safe to say that Buhari has fully repaid Tinubu by first allowing him to nominate the Vice President and several others in cabinet and other appointments. Furthermore, he ensured the conduct of a free and fair primaries where Tinubu emerged. They are bandying a video of Abeokuta rally in 2014 where Tinubu campaigned for Buhari, but Buhari was also in Jos, Yola, Yobe, Bauchi, Nassarawa, Sokoto and Imo states to campaign for Asiwaju and he made equal or more speeches and the question to ask then is why the blackmail??

There are other contestants in this race, Buhari will not declare a war and throw them under a bus just because he needs to satisfy an imaginary payback that has been orchestrated by lazy campaigners who do not have what it takes to justify the humongous monies they have taken From Tinubu. They should go and sought for goodwill and people buy in just like Buhari is doing to the candidate but assuming that Buhari should jettison his legacy and rig the system on heir behalf as their definition of a payback is a further indication that their love for him was never genuine but for their personal gains and aggrandizement as is with lazy minds.

We support Buhari to finish strong!

May God bless Nigeria

Hashim Suleiman oneheartnaija@yahoo.Com


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Timubu on arrival from London alongside Babajide Sanwo Olu

I have repeatedly believed and said Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the most progressive politician in Nigeria alive because he has demonstrated it with Lagos even though people argue that the level of the development is not commensurate with the revenue but they forget that even the revenue itself they are discussing is the handiwork of the man and they should equally remember that no other state has utilized as much as he has albeit selflessly for the development of the state and the people. For these and more, I have immense admiration and respect for the man.

 I was moved to write today’s piece after waking up to barrages of photographs to the effect that Asiwaju is back from his medical sojourn and it has become a trending topic in the country and beyond and I’m aware only critical people get this much free advertisement and for the positive for that matter because all I see is some sort of celebration by so many. Another video of the launch of SWAGA 2023 is also trending alongside the return photographs. If these don’t attract an attention for a write up, what will do more.

Let me go a little deeper to analyze how Tinubu has been a man of very few words since the advent of this administration and that left him out of the mainstream media for most of the time but regardless of that you cannot erase or not come across his footprints everywhere through his mentees and the work they do regardless of whether some of them have chosen to be snitches or not. Regardless of his being quiet and respecting himself to a large extent, people have refused to let him drink some water and drop the cup without attempting to dig dip and make a meaning out of a simple personal medical trip for example, when did it become a crime to get ill and seek attention. However, that is the price of leadership and one that is consequential so one can understand.

For those who do not know, Tinubu had been in politics for practically all his life, even his little stint at the private sector was all about his efforts at expanding his network and forging a democratic front that he wanted to see Nigeria key into also. That left him in so many controversial circumstances including exile and so on. They persevered until they finally succeeded and Obasanjo rode on the sympathy of their activities to become the president while Asiwaju became the governor of Lagos state and the rest is now history.

Fast forward to today and check the empire that Tinubu has been able to build around the south west and Nigeria at large, some people misconstrue him to be a regional leader but I see those people as not critical enough to understand that people are free to maintain their identity while pursuing whatever, so yes Tinubu is a Yoruba man but for all the time his political party the ACN has produced northern presidential candidates in Ribadu and Atiku Abubakar other than the AD which produced Olu Falae in 1999 for obvious reasons. You cannot erase a jew’s identity regardless of his being an American and loving America to death. Asiwaju has demonstrated maturity and a sense of love for Nigeria while maintaining his identity and this is what any reasonable persona should do, in fact it should be a virtue that should demonstrate people who can be trusted, people who are not hypocrites.

Having said all these, I thought it was only fair for politics to pay back such an individual in whatever capacity. There are those who argue within the APC that Asiwaju must be cut to size and I ask for what crime? For working together to provide a platform for them to come to a position they would have only dreamt of in their lifetime? This must be the highest form of treachery if indeed there are people who discuss that sort of narrative in the party. Some of them were not born when Tinubu started to contribute to this venture and his own type is not theirs because he has been committed to ensuring the provision of mentorship and development of people who came across him. Is it because of all these qualities that they hate him or because they are intimidated and envious that they have not amassed as much goodwill. APC must be truthful to itself and engage Asiwaju appropriately for whatever outcome the 2023 would bring. At the last count before his return to Nigeria last night, 58 top politicians have visited Tinubu at his London home including President Muhammad Buhari. Asiwaju is also firmly in charge of Lagos State, one of the top economies in Africa. He has his network built over years and you would only want to toil with such a politician at your own peril. Growing up, they always told us that politics always pays those who worship her.

I wish all the APC elites the wisdom needed to act appropriately towards 2023.

Hashim Suleiman



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Independence Day celebration at the State House yesterday

Nigeria is 61 today and I have always maintained democracy has brought certain goods owing to individual performances as against a coordinated national one that would aim to put the country on a planned and predetermined expectations. We are mostly having to deal with some states having good infrastructure that are not necessarily linked to other states because of the ownership of the linkages by the Federal Government that is overwhelmed and with major cash crunch that has led to massive borrowings which have to be rationed to the ones that are lucky if I may put it that way.

The reason why there is that lack of coordination of the developmental agenda of the nation is a matter that is less discussed in the polity and which I’m bringing on today as National Unity and Identity. Growing up till date, I have practically become sick of the Us vs Them coloration of things I get from every angle of the society, this is without being unfair to some very fine Nigerians I’ve met out there, in fact ‘my Director’ Alero Tenumah of Delta State is worthy of mention. Highly detribalized and realistic Nigerian.

Sadly, this narrative which has become entrenched in people has made it become normal to the extent that those who exhibit it do not feel they are doing any hurt to the nation. It has permeated the major fabrics of Public, Private and even diplomatic services. The other day I attended the burial of a friends dad at Delta state and someone had to ask me what I went to do in ‘that place’. I didn’t know what to do or say I shook my head and left in so much pain about the mentality. I have had conversations with some southerners regarding the presence equal number of illiterates in their zone as much as the north and the way they’ll insist it to be an only northern thing even when I prove to them I’ve lived there leaves me wondering what’s going on.

What is going to shock you about this matter is the depth with which it has penetrated the society and you’ll most times also wonder about the caliber of the people who imbibe such character. It is enough to get someone worried  about whether there would be any hope for the nation after all. The major topic in the past weeks was The Southern Governors Vs their northern counterparts, you can see how deep it has gone. The VAT controversy is also there  and the fault lines of the for and against are also very clear. Practically every national topic must be presented in the Us Vs Them narrative with little or no discussions around the possible solutions to the inevitable problems we have at hand.

The other day, I was watching a programme on the TV and a southern public analyst was asked his opinion about the south and north governors debacle over the Presidential slot and he was blunt to say the southern governors were wrong in their approach and had a lot of work to do to lobby and present a candidate that could win the heart of Nigerians and it sounded more like it, but the question is how many people can be such? The number is certainly on the negative. Everyone has to say pleasant lies to comfort their kins and this has gone on for too long now that there is a crave for truths and there are very little people to say them. The result is chaos.

Last night, a friend called from Kano and was asking about my opinion on the polity, I told him the north was economically disadvantaged and could run into troubles if these policies about VAT and fiscal restructuring scale through, he immediately retired into the usual syndrome and started to shop for consolation narratives around agriculture and I asked him if he was ready to pick his hoe to farm at that moment and if he also understood that agriculture was a chain up to production and once that is not there, there cannot be an economy from it. His response didn’t tell me I was convincing enough to get him off the Us Vs Them thoughts and as usual all that was for conversations sake because I have long known what to expect per time from the different corners of this country. Shortly after my conversation with him, another one called about the issue of PDP, this one surely hates PDP with his blood and appears bigoted towards APC. He tried to insist why I must believe it’s a work over for APC because the PDP governors had zoned national chairman to the north, I told him to never say never in politics as nobody can accurately predict what 2023 will come with, I encouraged him to imbibe the spirit of keeping his mind open about these PDP and APC issues and keep his support simple after all we are all Nigeria’s property.

Finally, I am very worried about the prevalent and most especially depth of this narrative and unless an emergency is considered on the need to mentor and heal these dangerous wounds, it is going to be very difficult to make a head way towards a coordinated national development.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Hashim Suleimanoneheartnaija@yahoo.com


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All Progressives Congress

Let me start by referring to my article https://www.abusidiqu.com/the-continuity-and-change-agents-within-the-apc-and-a-need-to-manage-all-by-suleiman-hashim/of May 16, 2015 where I had advised the APC of the need to manage the PDP elements that had rightly aligned with them to deliver the 2015 election victory.

The fear was that the PDP elements were going to attempt to introduce the political ‘Johnny just come’ of APC into the ways that PDP did their things. The concern was if APC had truly identified and tabulated the mistakes of the PDP that presented an opportunity for their victory or whether the supposed progressives who came from ACN and CPC truly understand progressivity in its true sense and the expectations of it.

Events have come and gone and so much has come out of it with the latest being a near collapse of the APC party owing to the non meticulous management of the need to be truly progressive and complete jettisoning of the PDP ways. The only saving grace was the intervention of the President which appeared premised on wise counsel. 

Remember my article of June 5, 2020 https://itpulse.com.ng/2020/06/05/dr-isa-pantami-and-his-citizen-right-to-political-opinion-by-hashim-suleiman/ wherein I had defended Dr. Isa Pantami’s choice to a past political opinion on a political party whose failure led to its total rejection by the entirety of the citizenry. However, because his mentality and course of earlier criticism was that of a desire to see a progressive movement that would develop the nation, he decided to join the progressive party on a technocratic capacityand also working to do things that were different from those things he abhorred and that were not in line with the progressive ideology. This is the definition of ideology in relation to progressive workings even though it may attract some unpopularity amongst the elites. 

We should also not be quick to forget about how the President had refused the Governors to determine whom he appoints as aides and ministers because they also had their commissioners’ appointments to deal with. This was a deviation from the norm of PDP even though it was also somewhat compromised by some of the players in the presidency, it is always better to start something good even if not perfect but would become culture with time. There was supposed to be a proper mix between technocrats and political loyalists who had contributed to the cause, there was very less of the latter.

One of the major issues that caused the latest APC problem was the usual cliché that Governors are powerful and must therefore have what they always wanted. I personally consider that to be an old PDP way of doing things and the APC must be wary of issues like these. Governors’ place must be respected only when they showcase true sense of upholding the tenets of progressive politics through carrying every party member along as against the promotion of personal or group interest.

Take Jigawa State for example where the Governor has had to publicly agree to a working relationship with Alhaji HashimUbale Yusufu his main challenger in both the 2015 and 2019 election, however, people are at lost as to why they have not seen the man feature in any of the state’s major party or government activities nor feature in the Federal Government activities by way of recommendation from the State Government. Such kinds of cases which are found in almost all the states give cause of concern to supporters and further support reasons why people are daily not seeing much difference between the PDP and APC and they also believe that such old PDP ways are brought upon by some Governors who neither have the interest of the party nor that of her ideology.

Talking about Oshiomole and his ouster as National Chairman, his only offence was the entrenchment of progressive ideals in the party amidst his imperfections as a person. The introduction of Direct Primary election was a democratic breakthrough but it remains unsung because it is not in the interest of the governors who believe the old PDP way of imposition must remain. Further to that achievement was the introduction of the screening of candidates no matter how highly placed. If these two very lofty democratic breakthroughs are not in tandem with APC’s supposed progressive ideals, what could?

While the Governors had succeeded into convincing the president to summon the NEC, it was also commendable for the president to have used his wisdom to assemble a caretaker whose composition appeared to be made up of people who had capability of remembering the progressive ideals and burden on the party and also act accordingly going forward. The idea of governors this governors that must be jettisoned for the collective patronage of those who imbibe the true ideals of the political party, it is only through the promotion of such along with sincerity of purpose that the APC party will build itself into a formidable progressive alternative while the choice for voting still remains that of the electorates.

God bless Nigeria and its growing democracy.

Hashim Suleiman