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Emir of Hadeijia, Alhaji Adamu Abubakar Maje

Before the advent of democracy, the northern Nigeria recognizes dichotomies using emirates. Certain first-class emirs control some other local governments and such territories that were under an emirate were regarded as emirate bearing the name of the parent emirate. However, such kinds of emirates have now been simplified to signify Senatorial Districts and my own Senatorial District which is Jigawa North East AKA Hadeijia Emirate has been an unsung giant that has simply refused to roar for obvious reasons. Let me attempt to speak you through the prospects, developments,and current efforts. Come with me.

The emirate has a rich history even from the then Kano State. It was top of the pride of the then Kano State, the Emir was remarkably close to the Emir of Kano after it had been incorporated into the Kano Province in 1906. The emirate became such important owing to its economic potentials of arable lands that could cultivate almost all grains including the especially important Rice and Sugar Cane. Further to these is the popular River Hadeijia which provides support to cultivating the crops mentioned as well as providing an opportunity for fishing activities. 

Consequent upon the above economic potentials as well as the large scale territory that the Emir of Hadeijia superintends over which includes the very ancient Garun Gabas and Auyowhich form an integral part of the Hausa history, people were naturally attracted to the region and made it become very popular in the northern region of Kano and Jigawa State of today. This has also made the region to become economically important to the subregion of Jigawa North East as well as the northern Yobe States and some parts of Borno State. It has become a hub for distribution of goods to Yobe and BornoStates as well as from those places to other parts of Nigeria. Remember the much availability of Fish in the area too. 

Owing to all the above endowments that have continued to attract people to the area on migration or otherwise, the Hadejia emirate has naturally established herself to be the most politically important Senatorial District in Jigawa State. It had produced very notable statesmen like Hassan Hadeijiawho worked as a kitchen cabinet member of the Sardauna of Sokoto and the very recent Air Vice Marsha Hamza Abdullahi who was very prominent and close confidant in the IBB regime. These are few of so many others numerous to mention here. These individuals have again attracted popularity to the emirate. 

Upon all of the lofty introduction to the emirate, you will be shocked to hear that the emirate has not governed the state even once owing to the inability of the people of the region to form a common front because that is the only reason that can stall the dominance of the state since the TIV and Igala of Benue and Kogi States have done but the Igala lost it with Yahaya Bello due to the demise of Abubakar Audu. It is unacceptable that Hadeijia emirate with all the political and economic advantage has refused to take its right place of being the dominant force in the Jigawa pollical game. 

In the last ten years we have had course to witness the advent of two very important persons in the emirate, namely Hashim Ubale Yusufu and Mohammed Babandede, while the former has provided ample investments in the region which in turn provide employment of labour, the latter has used his position to secure jobs for the teeming youth in the Nigerian Immigration Services. Infact, they have proved to be truly patriotic of the emirate and have given numerous people hope of better days ahead. To cap up their efforts, a younger version of them has emerged in Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi and he has within the short time of ascending provided numerous interventions that combines with the ones mentioned above and presenting Hadeijia in a very positive light. 

While all of the above provide hope for the teeming people of the emirate, someone has to echo to them all to understand that nothing can come out of working in silos or allowing other regions of the state to continue to have the notion that we cannot be a political threat because we can easily be deceived into working against one another. The 21st century is too complicated for how cheaply we have let ourselves and serious amends must be made. I am personally in a wondering mode as to how we had always been left out in the scheme of things. 

The three pillars mentioned above currently appear to be those the people in the emirate are talking about and rightly having their hopes tied to. This piece is meant to echo to all concerned over the need to forge a common front and place Hadeijia Emirate where it rightly belongs which would be in fairness to the intent of history. Awareness to the people of the region in this regard is also particularly important to achieving the desire. 

Those who are opportune to read this could also share with the Royal Highness, the Emir of Hadeijia on these prospects and the almost lateness of not achieving it. Hadeijia is too big to be left behind in the political setting of Jigawa State. 

May God bless Hadeijia Emirate

May God bless Jigawa State

May God bless Nigeria.

Hashim Suleiman



    Shehu Gajo said:
    July 19, 2020 at 8:56 am

    Thought provoking piece. Thanks Sulaiman for bringing this to our consciousness. This will stimulate collective conversations on unity and progress of our people.


      oneheartnaija responded:
      July 19, 2020 at 10:20 am

      Yes, it should sir. It has been long overdue. May we be well guided.


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