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We may recall my article of 4th November, 2019 where I portrayed Dr Isa Ali Pantami as a near perfect fit for the 2023 permutations. In same article, I pointed out how victories in upcoming elections will be largely dependent on strategies and even at that the elections will become predictable but the best strategy will win at last. I still remain unshaken on my advice to APC that come 2023, whatever candidacy there has to be for the presidency must have Dr Isa Pantami in it for assurance of victory and reasons for this will continue to unveil as we move ahead.

From yesterday when I saw how the PDP has set up a situation room that was well equipped with real-time equipments, I knew the game was over for APC simply because they were never prepared and did not take the elections seriously as is customary with them until late hours. I also saw lack of enthusiasm from the online supporters of the APC especially those at ground zero, they were not in touch with what was going on, in fact they were not infested. The PDP clearly understands more about strategy and they did so by employing sharp young men to sell their narratives and it eventually paid and will always. Kudos to the likes of Mr Jack Obinyan and Anthony Ehilebo et al for a job well done.

People like Oshiomole, Ize-Iyamu and Asiwaju Tinubu can’t still be running campaigns at this age and time. The least is for them to coordinate a well recruited young strategists that could deliver results. Such has to be echoed for the purpose of future elections. There has to be deliberate efforts at employing key and qualified strategists with so much energy and zeal to deliver.

The APC has disrespected people for too long and this has to stop. They have never seeing reasons to compensate loyalty and you can’t win elections with disgruntled lots. I has given you and example of Hashim Ubale Yusuf of Jigawa State who has worked and is still working for the party but no one feels like calling and acting to appreciate the efforts. So many of them exist in such class. There are so many people in the administration who have neither intellect nor political capital to bring to the table, you can’t be working to win future elections like this.

Remember also that even though the policies about subsidies removal are very important for the country, there has not been a deliberate effort at working so hard to get the buy-in of the people. It appeared like the pope pls have just resorted to not protesting anything but paying back at the ballots. It was a shame for the APC for the USA to have slammed visa ban on elections that were held in states where they clearly struggled to win at all costs. This cannot be allowable in such a political party with goodwill capital as much as that of Buhari, if it is not deliberately consolidated upon, them it will be a big shame to the party leaders.

The APC as a party also has to be wary of the so many enemies within. Those who are APC in body but PDP in souls. There is so much work to be done and the time to start cannot be farther from now. This is a time to identify true lovers of party and get empowering them to sell the narratives of the party at grassroots level. More energy has to be injected into the political party because there seems to be a waning one. Young strategists and writers have to be engaged in all fronts so as to reinvigorate the so many positives that there are to put out there.

The culture of grandstanding has to give way for robust engagements. The older generations cannot feel entitled to every thing that must happen in the party. They must create space for younger politicians to come on board and when we say younger politicians we don’t just mean there children and relatives, we mean those who have distinguished themselves. I saw recently how the Jigawa State governor was encouraging the young politicians in the state by bringing them closer to him. This was observed during the commissioning of some empowerment items at the Gumel emirate by the member of the House of Reps from that zone. People have noticed the increased closeness between him and Kashifu Inuwa, the DG of NITDA. It should not stop at just photo ops, it has to advance into critical political inclusion and engagement for the future of the state. It is only through vices like this that the party could be looking to make any headway for the future.

Some of us have found it worthy to issue out such observations for the mere fact that we have people we respect and look up to in the APC fold and only critical thinking and respect for party members and apologists can guarantee bright fortunes.

A word they say should be enough for the wise.

Hashim Suleiman


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