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Ukraine president Selenssky at the theater

For the fact that it is confirmed that people now read very less, you will then probably not be surprised when you read up social media comments about happenings around our environments and societies and that’s even from those who have chosen to comment about reality over the usual obsession about sex, vibes, drinks, drugs and nothingness. Lately though, I was shocked when in one of Olamide’s songs, I hear him narrating some Uthman Danfodio’s history to give me a feeling that those who supply the instruments of vibes know better than those who utilize the vibes with empty heads. We shall keep writing.

So lately, the Russia has initiated an attack on Ukraine and these social media folks who have little or no knowledge of the workings of the world as well as relationships between nations are up and already trending a narrative to the effect that Vladimir Putin of Russia is insensible, meanwhile some while ago these same folks had in one event or another followed another bandwagon that suggests Putin is a strongman who stands for his people and firmly too. What this shows is that these young analysts only want to live a life full of enjoyment that is devoid of natural troubles of life which in real sense make us stronger.

Some of those comments will also further showcase how much men and women of courage are diminishing from societies because people with such understanding that Putin should think like them and compromise over threats and intimidation cannot be trusted with anything serious. They will snitch and give up over money, sex or vibes. Little wonder why opinions have increased over anything and everything, but most times empty and devoid of any research or knowledge and I have to give it to leaders like Elrufai who have understood this to go all out in the formulation and implementation of policies that he deems fit for a long and short term goals.

The Russian invasion is about interests, the Russia have always been a foe of the United States less for the Trump era when some relationship was formed but even that cannot be on a 100% owing to Russia’s nature of never trusting nobody and always working to ensure full fortification of themselves against any deceit and manipulations. These are the reasons why Russia’s and the China’s regulate the use of these western social media apps which are capable of informing the opinions of the citizenry over certain matters. So for example, if you sample the level of information of the Chinese and Russians you will get an outcome of a more serious and committed people towards causes. This is why you should make some sense of why the Nigeria’s government had to ban Twitter at some point and if it had relied on the opinion of the majority she wouldn’t do it because those people are not deep and critical enough, trust me that was one of Buhari’s finest leadership moves.

It is also instructive to note that regardless of Putin’s resolve to stick to the interest of his nation, it does not take away the America and allies need to also ensure the preservation of their interests. Already countries are  beginning to place sanctions on Russia’s businesses and interests in their and that is alright. Conversations are ongoing regarding diplomacy, concessions will have to be made from all parties just like the Ukraine has already agreed to talks. But be rest assured that Putin will go into full blown war should anybody attempt to intimidate him into tuning to their cheap opinions of leaving the world safe for vibes and enjoyment.

These individuals are mostly living off free monies made by their relatives and parents mostly off corruption or through electronic fraud. But even those criminals on the streets who use fights and hardwares understand that victories don’t come easy. Troubles and misunderstandings are usual in life and only the strong people go through and outlive them. None of Putin or the other side is wrong, it only demonstrates how much complex the world can be and how much work you will need to put into preserving legacies and interests.

In Nigeria recently, Asiwaju Tinubu quoted a philosopher who said if you fight with pigs you’ll get dirty and so he was ready to fight dirty for the actualization of his ambition and as usual these latter day commentators went all gaga with various interpretations in vindication of the fact that the country is made up of majorly ‘pigs’ whom you’ll indeed have to fight with to actualize anything meaningful.

These realities are the ways of the world currently and one would require wisdom and deep emotional intelligence to be able to align appropriately as well as to manage commentaries per time. It could be rough some days but all things come and pass for the better, it is not necessarily wrong to fight for your interest sometimes.

In other news, kudos to Muhammadu Buhari for defying one other group amongst the above described kinds of naysayers who felt he didn’t need to sign the electoral act amendment  so the APC can stay in power by all means forgetting that the interest and growth of the nation is bigger than anything. History will remember him for this courageous effort that is required of any leader who wishes to succeed in recent times.

Hashim Suleiman


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